The Scholars’ Circle Team

Ankine Aghassian
Managing Producer
Ankine is producer, editor and researcher.

Image of host Doug Becker

Douglas (Doug ) Becker
Host / Producer
Doug is Associate Teaching Professor of Political Science, International Relations and Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut. His research interests involve historical memory as a research tool on foreign policy analysis and public diplomacy. He teaches courses on peace and conflict: on the importance of historical memory as elements of public diplomacy and image in foreign policy analysis, on international political economy of multinational corporations.
He is the author of The Rationality and Emotion of Russian Historical Memory: The Case of Crimea and Crisis and Change in Post-Cold War Global Politics: Ukraine in a Comparative Perspective ( 1st edition 2018 ).

image of host/producer Maria Armoudian

Maria Armoudian
Host / Producer

Maria Armoudian is a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and co-director of Nga Ara Whetu, Centre for Climate, Biodiversity and Society.
She is the author of three acclaimed books, Lawyers Beyond Borders Advancing International Human Rights through Local Laws and Courts; Kill the Messenger: The Media’s Role in the Fate of the World; and Reporting from the Danger Zone: Frontline Journalists, Their Jobs and an Increasingly Perilous Future.
Maria served as an environmental commissioner for the City of Los Angeles for five years,  on the Board of Taxi Cab Commissioners for two and worked on environmental protection, government oversight, poverty reduction, civil rights, and corporate reform legislation for the California State Legislature for eight years, Her articles have been published by the Columbia Journalism Review, New York Times Syndicate and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, The New Zealand Herald, the Los Angeles Daily News, Grist, the Progressive, Salon.com, Truthout, Alternet, Inc., Daily Variety, and Billboard. She also a songwriter & musician. Her CD is called Life in the New World.

Image of Sudd Dongre, Webmaster

Sudd Dongre – Technical Support and Assistant Producer
Sudd is Web Master of Scholarscircle.org and Armoudian.com. He is a freelance software developer and webmaster. He is interested in creating a kinder and informed world. He can be reached at www.eyeconect.com.

Former Contributors:

image of managing producer Mellisa Chiprin

Melissa Chiprin – Managing Producer
Melissa is producer and researcher. She was a host and producer for the Feminist Magazine show on KPFK 90.7 FM for 12 years.

Dr. Lilian Ng – Guest host, Dr. Lillian Ng is a medical graduate of the University of Auckland. She has had a career as journalist and a general practitioner.
She worked as a medical officer of the British Antarctic Survey, wintering at Halley Station in 2000, and completed a Master of Science on circadian rhythms. She retrained as a forensic psychiatrist and currently works at Counties Manukau District Health Board. Lil tutors medical students in psychiatry and is a member of the Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Mike Hurst – Technical Support, The Big Q production.

Tim Page – Technical Support, The Big Q production.