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Welcome to The Scholars’ Circle

Producers: Maria Armoudian (host), Doug Becker (host), Ankine Aghassian & Melissa Chiprin
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The Scholars’ Circle seeks to connect the public to scholars and expose general audiences to the greater knowledge than they might obtain otherwise. It hopes that a high level of dialogue might deepen the public’s understanding about the issues facing us and hopes to counteract polarization that occurs on other outlets. The program offers voices, information and contexts that together are infrequently offered in most programs.

The Scholars’ Circle is a weekly production. Our library contains interviews from 2011 to present. This archive can also be found on Pacifica’s Audioport for it’s members to download. The format is 58 minutes of interview done one a week. Sometimes we also segment the show into 2 part with 2 sets of guests and subject matter.

Radio stations broadcasting The Scholars’ Circle interviews

  • KHOI, 89.2FM : Ames, IA.
  • WRIR, 97.3FM : Taos, NM.
  • WRFI, 88.1FM : Ithaca, NY.
  • WRFI, 91.9FM : Watkin Glen, NY.
  • WCRS, 92.7FM : Columbus, OH.
  • WCRS, 98.3FM : Franklin County, OH.
  • KLQS, 96.7FM : Aqua Dulce, CA.
  • WOOL-fm : Bellows Falls, VT
  • KXCR, 90.7FM : Central Coast, OR.
  • KPFK, 90.7FM : Los Angles, CA
  •  KPFT-HD2 : Huston, TX
Podcasters that stream The Scholars’ Circle interviews.

  • Delmavrafm, Riverton MD.
  • stitcher:
  • talkstreamlive:
  • kpfk podcast:
  • listennotes:
  • playerfm:
  • The Big Q:
  • Maria Armoudian: