What drives destructive or unethical foreign policy? Some point to pathological pursuits of exceptionalism, honor and glory. Others, point to systemic flows. [ dur: 14 mins. ]

  • Christopher J. Fettweis is Professor of Political Science at Tulane University. He is the author of Dangerous Times? The International Politics of Great Power Peace and The Pathologies of Power: Fear, Honor, Glory, and Hubris in U.S. Foreign Policy.

Then, on the Scholars’ Circle panel, what is the celebrity industrial complex? How does it impact our democracies, our culture and society? [ dur: 43 mins. ]

  • Joshua Gamson is Professor of Sociology at the University of San Francisco. He is the author of Claims to Fame: Celebrity in Contemporary America and Freaks Talk Back: Tabloid Talk Shows and Sexual Nonconformity.
  • David Marshall is Chair of New Media, Communication and Cultural Studies at Deakin University, Australia. He is the author of Celebrity and Power: Fame in Contemporary Culture, New Media Cultures, and The Celebrity Culture Reader.
  • David Gilens is Professor of Media Psychology at the University of Winchester, UK. He is the author of Illusions of Immortality: A Psychology of Fame and Celebrity, and Psychology of the Media.

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