A new study suggests that the powerful feel less empathy. Does it have implications for society? [ dur: 18 mins. ]

Then, we compare Scotland’s vote for independence to other such movements for independence, autonomy and self-determination. [ dur: 40 mins. ]

  • Stefan Wolff is professor of International Security at the University of Birmingham, England, UK. He is the author of, Disputed Territories: The Transnational Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict (Studies in Ethnopolitics), and the co-author of, Ethnic Conflict: Causes-Consequences-Responses, and Autonomy, Self Governance and Conflict Resolution: Innovative approaches to Institutional Design in Divided Societies.
  • Hurst Hannum is professor of International Law at Tufts University. He is the author of, Autonomy, Sovereignty, and Self-Determination: The Accommodation of Conflicting Rights, and co-author of, International Human Rights: Problems of Law, Policy, and Practice and  Negotiating Self-Determination.
  • M. Steven Fish is a professor of political science at UC Berkeley and author of, Democracy Derailed in Russia: The Failure of Open Politics and Democracy from Scratch: Opposition and Regime in the New Russian Revolution. He is co-author of, Postcommunism and the Theory of Democracy.

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