First, why do the super-rich continue to make gains while other Americans are losing ground, in the “winner-take-all” politics?Paul Pierson and Jacob S. Hacker are the authors of, Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer–and Turned Its Back on the Middle Class. [ dur: 25 mins. ]

  • Paul Pierson, Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley.
  • Jacob S. Hacker, Professor of Political Science, Yale.

Then, on the Scholars’ Cirle panel, we examine the politics of the US Constitution, its effect on political institutions and the political process, and ask whether it should be revised or amended. Also, includes comparative analysis with other constitutions. [ dur:  32 mins. ]

  • David S. Law, Professor of Law and Political Science. Washington Univ., St. Louis.
  • Sanford Levinson, Professor of Political Science and Law at Univ. of Texas School of Law. Author of Framed: America’s 51 Constitutions and the Crisis of Governance
  • Louis Michael Seidman, Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University. Author of On Constitutional Disobedience (Inalienable Rights)

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